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Coreference Resolution, Simplification and Open Relation Extraction Pipeline

Usage of Grapene-Core

The Graphene-Core library offers methods for the complete extraction, as well as for individual and composite steps of the information extraction process.
If you want to use Graphene inside your application, you first have to create a new instance of the Graphene class:

// load configuration
Config config = ConfigFactory.load();

// create new graphene-instance
Graphene graphene = new Graphene(config);

Resolving co-references

CoreferenceContent cc = graphene.doCoreference("The text.");

// get result as a string
String substituted = cc.getSubstitutedText();

Open Information Extraction


ExContent ec = graphene.doRelationExtraction("The text.", true, false);

// ### OUTPUT AS RDFNL #####
// default
String defaultRep = graphene.getRepresentation(ec, RepStyle.DEFAULT)

// flat 
String flatRep = graphene.getRepresentation(ec, RepStyle.FLAT)
// extended
String extendedRep = graphene.getRepresentation(ec, RepStyle.EXTENDED)

// ### OUTPUT AS PROPER RDF (N-Triples) ###
String rdf = graphene.getRepresentation(ec, RepStyle.N_TRIPLES)

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